RSVP Client Testimonials

“It would be impossible to count all the ways you have helped us over the years. Thank you so much for all you have done.  We are so lucky to have such a knowledgeable and diligent mentor to help guide us through this often confusing field of work.” – RSVP CARE Law Client


“I wanted to recommend this wonderful ‘all volunteer program’. This is a donation only program.  I have used their transportation service twice now and they are great!  They offer many services to Seniors aged 60 and older.  With all the negative news nowadays, I wanted to give them a big ‘thumbs up’.” – RSVP Transportation Client


“I am so grateful for Katherine and RSVP.  Don’t know what I would have done without Katherine’s help!!!” – RSVP Respite Caregiver and RSVP Care Recipient


“I was sad when I couldn’t continue providing respite services to Fernley residents.  What helped tremendously was knowing that now that I need help and support, RSVP is currently here to help me.  This experience helps me better understand the importance of this great service.” – RSVP Client


“Provided great service for me.  Could not have made my appointments without their services.  Served my transportation needs very well.  Thank you. “ – RSVP Transportation Client


“I have only used the transportation service a few times – – – but what a lifesaver – each time drivers were prompt and courteous.” – RSVP Transportation Client


“RSVP services allowed me to continue to keep my VA medical appointments in Reno for the brief period I was on foot and without a personal vehicle.  I am grateful.  Your services are crucial to the health and well-being of so many seniors.  It’s a comfort to know that you’ll be there for me if I need you and it’s a comfort, and inspiring too, to know that so many of our communities civic-minded seniors are volunteering their services in order to help their brothers & sisters…hats off!” – RSVP Transportation Client


“I’m so thankful for my rides to and from my appointments with blood tests, doctors and dentist.  I get to my appointments on time and my ride is ready to take me home.” – RSVP Transportation Client


“We are so thankful for this service.  We have always received great care and attention.  The volunteers are caring and very helpful.  Driving my dad to his therapy twice a week takes the worry off my shoulders.  I know he is safe and cared for.  Thank you!” – Daughter on behalf of RSVP Transportation Client


“RSVP is a God-send, a true blessing! Pahrump does NOT have public transportation therefore I rely heavily on RSVP.  Taxis are way too expensive!” – RSVP Transportation Client


“RSVP was invaluable especially when my mother broke her arm.  The services provided not only aided my Mother with laundry, basic cleaning and minor grocery shopping but alleviated stress for both of us.” – Daughter on behalf of RSVP Homemaker Client


“You treat me like family.  You are all so courteous and helpful.  Just to know you are there for me helps.  I couldn’t stay home without your help.” – RSVP Home Companion Client


“I care for my 91 year old mom who has Alzheimer’s.  The RSVP program has changed our ability to complete our simplest tasks.  The RSVP drivers are kind, patient, understanding and totally professional.  They treat Mom with tremendous respect and dignity.” – RSVP Respite Caregiver and RSVP Care Recipient


“My mother recently passed away but I will always be grateful that she was able to live in her own home until the end.  She was 97 years old.  Thank you RSVP.” – RSVP Caregiver


“Because of my health condition I cannot drive myself anywhere.  So your transportation program is very much appreciated in our rural town.  No taxi or bus service here like in the cities.  Again thank you very much.” – RSVP Home Companion Client


“I just want to thank RSVP very much and I’m very glad that RSVP exists otherwise I and many other seniors would not be able to get to long distance appointments.  I feel blessed that RSVP exists.  Thanks for all your wonderful services and for caring for people.” – RSVP Home Companion Client