Volunteer Drivers Help Meet Mobility Needs

RSVP’s Transportation Program volunteers provide escorted door-to-door safe transportation for frail, homebound, and low-income seniors (60 and older), persons living with a disability (18-59), and veterans, who are no longer able to drive themselves.

Services include free trips to medical, dental, and vision appointments; essential shopping and socialization opportunities; and other necessary trips in/outside their respective county.  Volunteer drivers assist clients at the door to and from their home, accompany clients to their destinations, and share conversation.  Often, volunteers wait, if necessary, in the doctor’s office or other places.  Drivers also serve as companions and help reduce their isolation and provide the reassurance that there is someone who cares for them, they are not alone, and they can remain self-sufficient.

This past year RSVP’s Transportation volunteers provided 14,676 trips to more than 800 elders, veterans and people with disabilities.  This low-cost, community-based program is proven effective in meeting a basic need facing Nevada’s aging and vulnerable population living in the isolated, rural and frontier parts of our state.  In addition to saving thousands of dollars in unnecessary long-term care costs, the Program helps reduce the risk of isolation, depression, loneliness, and self-neglect.

“My driver, Becca, is an angel and a God send.  She has gone from not only driving me to my appointments, but also picks up my prescriptions when I am unable to do so.  I would be lost if not for RSVP and I am 100% house bound.”


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