Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Program, Inc. (RSVP) is an award-winning community based non-profit organization. 

RSVP has a demonstrated record of outstanding service for 45 years which improves the lives of seniors and strengthens communities through direct service and volunteering. 

⇒  RSVP is certified by Points of Light as a Service Enterprise

⇒  RSVP is recognized with Chamber of Commerce Awards for Outstanding Community Agency

⇒  RSVP is recognized with Outstanding Community Service Awards from United Way, March of Dimes and Red Cross 

⇒  RSVP is recognized with the Nevada Governor’s Honor Role of Excellence in Volunteerism

⇒  RSVP is recognized with the 2001 Governor’s “Points of Light Award” for Outstanding Non Profit Agency

⇒  RSVP is recognized with the 2017 Governor’s “Points of Light Award” for Volunteer Program Serving Veterans 

⇒  RSVP Respite Volunteers are recognized with the Linda Carr Caregiver Award presented by the Nevada Caregivers Coalition