Welcome to the Nevada Rural Counties Retired and Senior Volunteer (RSVP) Program.

This website has been designed to provide you with information on one of the most vital and flexible volunteer programs in the nation. We hope that you will browse our site and find something that really moves you to share your lifetime of experience by volunteering your time to assist others and help raise the quality of life in all of our Nevada communities.

With 78 million ‘baby boomers’ beginning to enter the volunteer picture, we are ready to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities to meet everyone’s talents, desires and schedules, whether retired or still active in the workforce. Additionally, if you are in need of assistance, I urge you to contact us and find out more about RSVP Programs.

RSVP encourages seniors to access our free services if they are in need, and for all to volunteer their time even if it is only for an hour or two per week.  Studies prove that caring, kindness and compassion are activities that improve health, overall well being, and increase longevity. Some doctors are even giving out volunteerism prescriptions to fight depression! Volunteering provides a service not only to the clients in need; but also gives the contributor the pride of having made a significant difference. It gives us a sense of belonging to the community and the gift of something really wonderful – a little bit of you.


Susan C. Haas, Executive Director & C.E.O.