Community Volunteer Stations

RSVP matches the talents of individuals with the needs of the community.

RSVP volunteers serve their communities through a wide variety of non-profit service organizations, government agencies, and health care facilities.  RSVP volunteer services include crime prevention, adult literacy tutoring, Medicare and Medicaid counseling, hospital volunteer services,  public museum docent services, library services, computer assistance for the elderly and others in need, family resource centers, senior centers, Veterans memorial services, food bank services, USDA commodity foods distribution, and more.

RSVP community volunteers serve in various ways:  tutor, teach, mentor and coach children and adults; help with literacy programs and crafting classes; help at community events; ushers at performing arts centers; lead museum tours; help at animal shelters and rescue organizations; and volunteer at the Nevada State Legislature.

RSVP programs and services are offered at no charge with the exception of the monitoring fee from Lifeline; however, there are suggested donations for services. No one is turned away because of an inability to donate.  Not all programs are available in each county.  RSVP volunteers do not perform services that fall under professional health care services, such as nurses, aids, etc.  We cannot lift, transfer clients, or administer medication.

For assistance please contact RSVP at 775-687-4680 or visit the Contact Us Page for a listing of the Field Office in your community.