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Glen Martin, MPA, NC., RSVP Resistance Training Coordinator:

A retired Marine Corps Colonel and veteran of WWII, Korea and Vietnam, Glen Martin, MPA, NC, has dedicated his time over the last 10 years to initiating and expanding the RSVP Resistance Training Exercise Program (RT) for Nevada seniors. He has been successful in recruiting many highly qualified trainers but many more are needed to help cover the 110,000 square mile area of mostly rural Nevada. Glen and his volunteer team have taught more than 20,000 seniors how to improve their mobility and gain muscle strength with proper exercise, no matter what their age. The RT program is available in all 17 Nevada counties.

Some time ago, Martin discovered information on a study by Harvard Medical School’s Dr. Maria Fiatarone on the excellent results of her resistance exercise program for seniors, that showed that the RT program played a big part in the prevention of strokes, heart attacks, arthritis, diabetes and other disabling ailments that often lead to premature institutionalization. Wanting to avoid the nursing route himself, Martin began this light weights exercise program himself and ultimately offered it to seniors across Nevada through RSVP. At 86 he is still active as the program’s leader and shows no sign of letting up.

In 2002, Glen was presented with the “Outstanding Rural Counties Volunteer’ Points of Light” award by Governor Kenny Guinn, one of only 4 volunteers so honored in Nevada each year. The $1,000 award he received went to the RT program to help more seniors.

Call RSVP for more information: 775-687-4680, Ext. 0