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The RSVP Lifeline program provides an emergency response telephone system to give access to emergency response services especially to home bound seniors, enabling them to feel secure, increasing thier self-sufficiency and thus helps them remain independently at home rather than prematurely institutionalized.

New! Philips Lifeline with the AutoAlert provides an added layer of protection by automatically placing a call for help if a fall is detected and you can’t push your button because you are disoriented, immobilized, or unconsious. This enhanced option can provide even greater peace of mind and confidence.  Lifeline is the ONLY medical alert service provider that integrates this capability into a pendant-style Help-Button.

The Philips Lifeline system makes it possible for the wearer to have instant contact with a Lifeline representative, emergency responders or personal responder (family member, friend, neighbor, etc.) 24 hours per day just by pressing a button worn on the wrist or around the neck. With the added layer of protection of AutoAlert  help is summoned immediately when a fall is detected.

Call Carol Davis (ext 8) for more information: (775) 687-4680